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From a very young age I was always naturally creative. From painting to dancing to learning music, art my was my escape.

In my teen years I was always that one friend that would create photoshoots with backdrops made out of bedsheets and remake my favorite movies with a camcorder at sleepovers. I have discovered that the universe has created me to create art. It's what makes me feel alive.

I would call myself an extroverted introvert, as much as I love being the life of the party - Im a big fan of quiet moments with a good book, pretty sunsets and deep conversations and people watching. 

I am passionate about freezing the forever moments that will be cherished forever. Life is short and that is why I love photography. It's a magic time machine that takes you back to those special, once in a lifetime moments. It's always an honor to have the privilege of documenting the biggest day of someones life, and I treat it as such. My approach to photography is writing your love story with pictures. The raw emotions, that messy love. i am not about none of that fake staged BS. So if thats something you're interested in, lets be friends :) 


Lets create

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